The fish are biting

    The second wave of COVID lockdown in Melbourne has given me time to think more about fish.

    I like them. And I like to paint them. I think it is because they always look confused and slightly foolish. I prefer to focus on their expression.

    I'm not so fussed with the rest of their bodies quite so much. I have a feeling we will all be seeing quite a bit more of them from me over coming months. 

    I am also very fond of a glass of wine, and have been working on a series of linocut prints relating to the phenomenon of the multiplying nature of such.

    I discovered a natty app (MIX) which allows me to play with original designs and manipulate them to create a visual story. I think you know what I mean. If not, here is a little glimpse into how confusing it can be when you start with 'just one' and end up with a bit of a mess in the morning :)

    Happy lockdown. Hope your fish are biting too!!


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