All At Sea & Hard Rubbish Heaven

    So, just when I thought I was done, I have had a new concept for an upcoming exhibition piece. Just days before submission date. Good one SD. 

    Damn. I thought I was such a Girly Swat being finished ahead of time. No probs, it is just the thing to get me off my comfy lock-down aerosol and painting like the clappers again.

    So far I have just blocked in the main forms, but I thought I'd post a sneak pic of the painting I will *now* be submitting into the MAVA Collective exhibition "At Sea" at Southern Buoy Studios this August.

    I am working in oils on a 'wood panel'. By this I mean that I have upcycled one of the wooden wardrobe doors I found in a skip a couple of months back while on a morning walk with my lovely dog Lenny (or Sir Lenoir when he is feeling creative). I was so excited with my find that I scurried away immediately, lugging them on my head for support on the final stretch.

    It has taken a couple of days to get one of these prepped and ready to use, but now it is good to go. Hopefully I'll have the painting ready to photograph in time for submission date next week. Full steam ahead! (pun intended). If not? Well, I'll go back to my original piece I suppose....

    Blimey, I do love a bit of hard rubbish retrieval! Happy days. 





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